USED FANUC A06B-2085-B407 Servo Motor In Good Condition

USED FANUC A06B-2085-B407 Servo Motor In Good Condition

Product Code:A06B-2085-B407
  • $865.67

All products have quality assuranceit will tested by FANUC test bench,and it have 3 months warranty under normal use.

All product prices are reference prices, they are based on customer order quantities.if you need, please contact us freely.

Model :βis 4/4000


Brand Name:   Fanuc

Output:  0.75kw        

Motor Input:143 V


FREQ:   200HZ

SPEED:    3000min

“Xuanfeng”has experienced 10 years in this industry and owns a batch of techniques consummate professional team ,Our products are mainly sold to Americawith High quality and pretty competitive price. And Professional Technical Support,As well as kindly service for you.

1Delivery time 4 Days


3)ConditionNew and used

4)MOQ:1 pcs

5)Package Carton

6)Warrantynew condition have 1 year warranty

used condition have 90 days warranty

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Some of types you want maybe can't find out in our catalogue, that because they are not put on the shelves yet. Please contact us freely .


1、Strict quality test of Fanuc Servo Motor by equipment,the products are tested ok before warehousing and shipping.

2、Big warehouse keep lots of Fanuc Servo Motor in stock

Contact Us:We offer 24 hours online customer service for you. The technical support and guidance are free. 

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